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Email and chat support
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— Rajat Soni// Web Engineer, Factmata
Public Relations and Communications Services | London

We have weekly calls with the ML team where they discuss the models in training but the conversations lack transparency. Usually more communication is needed to deep-dive into how the model is performing. With Censius monitors and dashboard reports, there'll be transparency into the model decisions, cutting down the to-and-fro iterations.

— Rajat Soni// Web Engineer, Factmata
— Trishtana Banerjee // Security Associate, Meshcloud
Cloud Foundation Platform | Germany

Censius UI has a very clean look and is easy to use. I found monitoring options to be thorough with a good range of flexibility for both generic and specific monitoring needs. I can easily create a specific monitor for a suspicious data segment, and whenever that monitor triggers, I know exactly where to look first. This adds velocity to AI solutions.

— Trishtana Banerjee // Security Associate, Meshcloud
— Rishav Ray // Data Scientist, Nykaa
E-commerce | 1000+ Employees | $148M Raised

The product has been really well built, and by using this we can definitely monitor all ML-based metrics. I see the value of leveraging it at the tail end of our ML life cycle

— Rishav Ray // Data Scientist, Nykaa

Features that empowers you and your team

  • Custom Monitors

    Automate monitoring of machine learning solutions for consistent performance and ROI

    • Auto-initialized monitors
    • Data quality
    • Drifts
    • Performance
    • Bias
    • Traffic
  • Explainability

    Explain blackbox AI decisions to customers and stakeholders, especially during prediction failures

    • Global explainability
    • Local explainability
    • Anomaly detection
    • Feature-level RCA
  • Dashboards

    Build, analyze, and share reports across the hierarchy of stakeholders

    • Segment comparison
    • Handy analysis widgets
    • Shareable reports
  • Customizable alerts

    Prioritize and customize alerts to handle fatal or critical cases first

    • Real-time alerts
    • Severity customization
    • Unlimited email/slack ID
    • Multiple integrations
  • Performance & business metrics

    Add and measure any metric that exactly fits your business use case

    • Custom metrics
    • No extra setup hassle
  • Project hierarchy

    Build clean and organized user accounts with access controls for each level

    • User level
    • Project level
    • Model level
    • Model Version level
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be notified before hitting my usage limit?

Yes. We will inform you before you hit your usage limit well in advance to avoid any surprises so you can plan accordingly.

Can I use Censius On-Prem?

Yes! To learn more about on-prem plans, contact us to get a personalized walkthrough. Refer to the last column on the table above for the high-level features and resources you can access through an on-prem plan.

How secure is my data with your Product? What if you use our data to rebuild our Model or sell it to someone even if you don’t have the Model?

We strongly believe that earning customer trust is the foundation of our business at Censius and we know you trust us to protect your most critical and sensitive assets: your data. We earn this trust by working closely with you to understand your data protection needs, and by offering the most comprehensive set of services, tooling, and expertise to help you protect your data. We even go the extra mile to provide technical, operational, and contractual measures needed to protect your data.

You get to manage the privacy controls of your data, control how your data is used, limit parties that have access to it, and configure how it is encrypted and shared. We underpin these capabilities with the most flexible and secure options and even have on our roadmap, a managed service option where the data resides on your Cloud and even an on-premise deployment.

Do you offer a free trial for us to evaluate your product?

If you are looking to explore our product before onboarding with either a basic, pro, or enterprise plan, contact us for a customized demo and get product credits based on your specific requirements.

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Write to us at, we will answer your queries.

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improve models

scale businesses

detect frauds

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