Monitor and Scale your Large Language Models with Embedding Visualizations

Designed for fast-growing start-ups and progressive enterprises—Monitor issues, detect hallucinations, and trends in your NLP and Generative AI models to optimize for peak performance with no out-of-pocket cost

Fine-tune and troubleshoot models at-scale

  • Deep dive into model behavior to accurately monitor high-dimensional vectors and detect hallucinations

  • Enable real-time alerts for violations for quick resolution

Boost model performance

  • Proactively detect data quality issues to maintain and improve the performance of your models to generate accurate responses

  • Leverage clusters to derive insights, gain access to different types of ROUGE scores, and filter embeddings for low scores

Maximize ROI and focus on what matters most

  • Quantify ROI per resource and per model

  • Let your ML teams focus on strategic tasks vs. bandwidth-draining tasks

Monitor unlimited models with no usage cap

  • Start your NLP monitoring journey with no onboarding and set-up fees

  • Get 24/7 support from onboarding to integration

See LLM Visualizations in Action

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