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Empower ML teams to manage hundreds of models in production through seamless collaboration, scalability, and security

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Complete visibility of your ML Pipeline

Unify your customer’s touch points across all platforms and channels. Understand your customer journey.

  • Scale

    Scale ML monitoring across multiple models and model versions

  • Integrate

    Set rules to proactively block data to comply with your company’s privacy policy and requirements.

  • Collaborate

    Democratize AI across the organization by enabling visibility to all

  • Secure

    Have complete control over the data with access management and audit logs

  • Scale

    Automated monitoring at scale

    One or hundred - monitor multiple models and model versions across projects. Confidently scale ML with the ability to have complete visibility across all models.

    • Measure performance of 100+ models in real-time

    • Identify best performing model versions

    • Automatically detect and fix stale models

  • Integrate

    Flexible to fit into any ML stack

    Easy integration into workflows without disturbing or modifying the ML stack. Plug Censius into any ML stack irrespective of the platform, model, and infrastructure. 

    • Integrate with various ML platforms and models

    • Receive performance alerts on preferred channels

    • Host on the cloud, hybrid, or on-prem

  • Collaborate

    Achieve model excellence faster, together

    Models are built by teams, not individuals. Ensure every team involved in building a model has access to its working and absolute clarity on its performance.

    • Secure and organize model data with user management

    • Setup role-based performance views to measure what matters

    • Quantify model ROI with shareable reports to leaders

  • Secure

    Powerful protection for every model

    All models and the data accessed by Censius adhere to the standard security measures of cloud providers. We practice industry-standard SSL network encryption for accessing data.

    • Selective data access to admins using IAM

    • Visibility to audit logs that track the access of every resource

    • No data leaves the private cloud for on-prem deployments

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What people are saying

— Trishtana Banerjee // Security Associate, Meshcloud

Trishtana Banerjee

Security Associate, Meshcloud

I found Censius monitors to be thorough and easy to use with a good range of flexibility for both generic and specific monitoring needs. This adds velocity to AI solutions.

— Rajat Soni// Web Engineer, Factmata

Rajat Soni

Web Engineer, Factmata

Censius provides transparency into the model decisions with its monitors and dashboard reports, cutting down the to-and-fro iterations. This saves a lot of time and effort.

Deepak Jhanji

Sr. Data Scientist, EY GDS

Censius helps know if, when, and why the model has degraded and if it requires training. The continuous monitors are very convenient for clients as well as other stakeholders.

— Rishav Ray // Data Scientist, Nykaa

Rishav Ray

Data Scientist, Nykaa

Censius has been really well built, and by using this we can definitely monitor all ML-based metrics. I see the value of leveraging it at the tail end of our ML life cycle.

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improve models

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