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Monitor and Resolve Model Issues at Scale with Censius

  • Accelerate Automation

    Cut down involvement in mundane monitoring tasks

  • Increase ROI

    Eliminate model staleness or ROI dips

  • Boost Performance

    Minimize impact of poor predictions on end-users

  • Reduce Time to Resolve

    Strengthen customer’s trust with reliable services

Automate and Reduce Time-to-Resolve Issues

AI Monitoring automatically cuts down the time between issue inception and resolution.

  • Continuously monitor performance, drifts, and data quality

  • Get real time alerts when a monitor flags an issue

  • Dive into each issue for higher clarity

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Consistently Serve High-Performance Models

AI Monitoring resolves model staleness with a one-stop solution for continuous monitoring and explainability.

  • Maintain consistent metric scores

  • Monitor dozens of ML vitals

  • Cut down escalations from end users

Automate Model Monitoring

Increase ROI & Reduce Resource Costs

AI Monitoring saves significant cost, especially when monitoring is not the core expertise of the organization.

  • Deflect resources to more influential tasks

  • Increase ROI per resource and per model

  • Maintain high performance in hundreds of models

Improve Model Performance

Empower your Machine Learning Team with Censius Monitors

  • Prevent Performance Dips

    Automatically monitor both standard and custom metrics to fix performance dips before any major impact on end users.

  • Catch Drift at Early Stages

    Continuously track data drift and concept drift to pick up subtle signs of drifting patterns and retrain the model accordingly.

  • Dodge Data Quality Issues

    Automatically detect signs of poor data quality in the incoming raw data including missing values, outliers, unseen values, and more.

  • Detect Anomalies in Activity

    Track and compare volumes of prediction data and actual data to catch signs of service blockage or hidden technical issues at various endpoints.

  • Sensitize High-Return Cohorts

    Create sensitive data segments to monitor and prioritize critical issues in real-time.

  • Catch Issues in Real-time

    Customize alerts and send them along with prioritization details to accountable team members in real-time.

Plug in a toolbox of 15+ Monitors with just a few clicks

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Unlimited Custom Metrics

Enter any business metric or custom formula as per your business requirements and track them across unlimited models

Performance Monitors

Track multiple standard metrics across hundreds of models, model versions, and projects to instantly fix performance issues

Drift Monitors

Detect minute changes in statistical relationships and data patterns.

Data Quality Monitors

Improve data quality by consistently checking for indicators such as outliers, missing values, new values, and more.

Activity Monitors

Keep track of incoming volumes of predictions and actuals to compare and detect gaps.

Analytics & Explainability

Understand the root cause behind every issue flagged by any of the monitors in record time.

Censius automates model monitoring

so that you can 

boost healthcare

improve models

scale businesses

detect frauds

boost healthcare

improve models

scale businesses

detect frauds

boost healthcare

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