Build an end-to-end MLOps system that works for your business

An exclusive 1:1 MLOps Bootcamp to help you ingrain the principles of MLOps and Responsible AI into your ML efforts and build reliable ML models faster

Free of cost, limited entries

Most MLOps resources out on the web are suited for large-scale companies, which have seemingly unlimited data, people, & computing resources.

You may have developed the right solution for your business problem and translated that into an ML model. You might also be getting a positive ROI from your deployed model.

So how are you going to scale it now?

MLOps seems to be the answer but the strategy which worked for larger organizations need not work for you. Moreover, the opportunity cost of a failed MLOps strategy might parallelize your business.

Solving MLOps for the 99% of companies out there

The exclusive MLOps Bootcamp helps you build a solid foundation of the crucial MLOps pillars.

  • Zero: Craft an MLOps Strategy

    Develop an MLOps strategy that fits your present team, resources, and computing budget while solving your unique concerns. Determine your responsible AI principles and scale your ML.

  • One: Build Your Initial Models

    Assemble an MVP team and resources to construct your initial ML models that address the most significant business problems. Build the right AI stack for your use cases.

  • Ten: Unleash MLOps at Scale

    Build unique standard processes to expand your MLOps strategy across your business. Extend your initial ML models to set up systems, teams, and tools to build multiple models at scale.

Build and Scale ML systems to deliver faster results

A unique consultation designed for businesses with

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    A finite amount of computing budget and resources

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    Smaller ML teams with limited engineers

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    The need to scale their AI initiatives

How does the Bootcamp work?

  • Fill out the form while mentioning your unique problems

  • We will evaluate your submission and get in touch with you

  • Intro call to understand your problem better and set up a structure

  • Detailed sessions on planning, building, and scaling your MLOps

  • An outro call to review your new MLOps strategy and sharing bonuses

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the bootcamp work?

As soon as you fill out the form we will evaluate your entry to ensure we can definitely help you. Once that is done, we will reach out to you to understand your challenges further. We will then work with your team for accelerating your MLOps adoption.

Can I bring my team with me?

We encourage you to get your team to work with us since MLOps involves working with different roles. We will work together with your team to chart out a detailed strategy for your MLOps adoption.

How long will the bootcamp last?

The bootcamp consists of three sessions which address planning, building and scaling respectively. Ideally, we would want to help you get to the finish line of the bootcamp. However, you can exit the bootcamp at any stage.

Is this bootcamp for leading companies only?

This bootcamp is best suited for
1. Companies having limited resources but are capable to scale
2. Growing companies who are yet to deploy models
3. Resource intensive companies who need technical expertise
We will chart out a unique adoption strategy based on various factors like use cases, business model, resources, people, etc.

Is this really free of charge?

This bootcamp is absolutely free of cost. There are no commitments, you can end the consultation at any stage.

Got any more questions?
Write to us at, we will answer your queries.

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