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What is Superset?

Superset is an open-source, enterprise-ready, lightweight business intelligence application. Initially launched as Airbnb's hackathon project, the Apache Software Foundation declared Superset as their top-level project. Superset provides an SQL editor and no-code visualization builder to analyze data and create charts and dashboards.  

Superset back end is Python-based and uses Flask as a web framework library. The tool is enriched with an extensible security model, ensuring the configuration of very complex rules about product features and dataset access permissions. The visualization selector allows users to select one type of visualization and then switch to another by simply clicking the other type.

How Does Superset Help?

Superset is a cloud-native platform designed to serve large distributed environments with scaled availability. Users can pick Superset for modern infrastructure as well as for their standalone applications. It ensures seamless integration with web servers like Apache, Nginx, database engines: MySQL, MariaDB, message queues: Redis, SQS, and backends: S3, Redis, or Memcached.  

Superset offers

  • Powerful visualizations to showcase data
  • An intuitive interface helping visualize datasets and building action-driven dashboards
  • Code-free visualization builder helping explore and visualize data
  • A SQL IDE helping data visualization with a rich metadata browser
  • A lightweight semantic layer, empowering professionals to define custom dimensions and metrics
  • Easy integration with most of the authentication backends like database, LDAP, OpenID, REMOTE_USER, OAuth
  • Flawless, in-memory synchronous caching and queries
  • API support for programmatic customization
  • Support for custom visualization plugins
  • Highly scalable cloud-native architecture

Key Features of Superset

Easy to use

No-code visualization builder and SQL IDE offer an easy-to-use and yet powerful visualization experience for users.

Flawless integrations

Superset easily connects to any SQL-based data source using SQLAlchemy. It ensures seamless integration with modern databases such as cloud-native databases and engines at a petabyte scale.

State of the art architecture

Superset is scalable, lightweight, and easy to integrate with existing infrastructure without the need for any ingestion layer.

Insightful visualizations and dashboards

Superset drives insightful and rich visualizations, and its plug-in architecture facilitates custom visualizations for better insights.  

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