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What is Streamlit?

Streamlit is an open-source Python library that facilitates building and deploying shareable web apps in minutes. It turns data scripts into customized, powerful, and shareable data apps. 

With Streamlit, the iterative loop of coding and viewing results makes the app development experience seamless. It allows adding widgets without any coding, backend, and configurations to build customized apps using rich sliders, file uploaders, color pickers, charts, and calendar controls. 

How Does Streamlit Help?

Being a production-ready app framework, Streamlit offers the fastest way to build web apps for machine learning models. While preserving simplicity, it provides a flawless experience in app development stages- layout, input, output, callbacks, and interaction. Streamlit Cloud workspace helps manage apps and ensures direct app launching through the user’s GitHub repository code.

Streamlit 1.0 brings significant innovations in layouts, components, and states, allowing scripting models at scale. Streamlit library offers rich APIs to visualize, mutate and share data backed by an iterative update in the apps.

Streamlit is identified with a strong user community, friendly website, comprehensive documentation, and profound social presence.

Key Features of Streamlit

Magical apps

Streamlit 1.0 offers an unbeatable set of widgets including, sortable/filterable/editable databases and tables to clickable charts, image editors, image selectors, video and audio players, and uploaders. A rich set of widgets accelerate data apps building 10x than earlier. 

First-class developer experience

Streamlit ensures a hassle-free experience to developers with ease in connecting to data sources, caching data, interacting, and debugging apps. 

Scaled UX

Streamlit is recognized for its distinct user experience. It enables app users to interact and understand app features as well as provide direct feedback. 

Well-balanced ecosystem

Streamlit drives a well-managed ecosystem among fellow developers making things simple. It supports new features such as finding code snippets, working on a new app, engaging with the community, and searching different add-on components to scale developer experience. 

Streamlit Cloud

Streamlit Cloud workspace helps teams to deploy, manage and collaborate on web apps. Streamlit account is connected with a public or private GitHub repository to launch apps directly at scale.

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