Technical Marketing Specialist - Data Science

India (Remote)

Full Time

Job Description

The role

The role of the marketing data scientist is primarily to act as a liaison between a developer-centric audience and our business. We are looking for somebody who shares our values of customer obsession and who values providing value to our customers through tech-focused marketing assets.

Are you the one?

You love to empower developers with intriguing information that addresses their core problems. You know the tricks of an excellent writer who can grasp the readers' fleeting attention, engage and entertain through content, consequently building a developer community.

You understand the nuances of building sample projects using new platforms and present them in a way developers can easily consume. You know the nuances of writing to the point and with minimal fluff, providing developers with immediate information that inspires them to act.

Some essential qualities you have:

  • You are a curious individual who is constantly learning and growing in the ML and MLOps domain
  • You are proficient with AI/ML concepts and can convey them through simple language
  • You have hands-on experience with data science projects and have worked with Python, Jupyter, SQL, CI/CD pipelines, and UI-based platforms
  • You are skilled at maintaining the balance between speed and quality
  • You can engage developers with novel and valuable information
  • You like to be innovative in your content presentation
  • You are curious about the competitive market and can accordingly suggest the latest practices and new product features to the team

Technical knowledge:

You are well versed in the world of Machine Learning and have extensive knowledge about the ML model lifecycle. Knowing MLOps and its lifecycle is a bonus.

Note: Having prior experience in data science or machine learning is a must for this role.

Technical Skills:

  • Python
  • Jupyter
  • Google Colab (for real-time collaboration with technology partners and prospects)
  • SQL
  • CI/CD Pipelines Overview
  • Technical Writing & Presentation
  • Hands-on experience in building and maintaining machine learning models

Love doing this?

You will be exposed to all the departments of our business - engineering, product, marketing, and sales to gain a deep understanding of the product and the people who need it.

Your primary responsibilities involve

  • Creating engaging and no-fluff technical content for an audience of developers
  • Building and maintaining hands-on sample AI/ML projects for guides, case studies, proposals, or any other requirement
  • Researching the newest trends in the world of MLOps and being abreast with all the latest developments
  • Assisting in developing product-specific thought leadership articles and social content
  • Communicating frequently with the product team to understand the latest product features and bringing them to the forefront through various marketing assets
  • Studying the competitive market and suggesting improvements or additions to the product

You are valuable!

We understand that marketing for a technical audience is a challenging task that requires a deep understanding of subjects and the skill of persuasion as well. And engaging developers with content is more challenging!

  • We offer competitive pay to you that reflects your efforts, knowledge, and skill💸
  • Our founder and the marketing team will constantly mentor you to grow in any role you wish to📈
  • You will have the freedom to be innovative and present your ideas in your style, provided they adhere to our audience, brand language, and tone🤔
  • Support for continual learning (free books and online courses) 📚
  • Reimbursement for gym or physical activity of your choice 🏋🏽‍♀️
  • Reimbursement for streaming services (think Netflix) 🎥
  • Unlimited Paid Time Off ⏰
  • Health insurance 🏥
  • Work Remotely 🌎
  • Flex hours 💪

About Censius

At Censius, we're passionate about assisting companies - big and small - to deliver high-performing machine learning models and provide transparency to their decision-making. This is accomplished using our cutting-edge AI Observability Platform, which allows you to monitor, explain, and optimize your machine learning models.

Our mission is to make sure data scientists and ML engineers confidently deliver high-performing ML models to production while ensuring they are fair, transparent, and responsible.

Learn more about us:

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