Navigating the EU AI Act

With the European Union's proposed Artificial Intelligence Act, the need for building trust into AI applications has become much more necessary. But building a compliant AI system for high risk applications is a challenging task for an enterprise.

This document helps enterprises to swiftly navigate the EU AI act to build compliant and risk-proof AI.

  • What is the EU AI Act

  • Risk categories of AI

  • Is your AI high-risk?

  • Requirements for high-risk AI systems

  • Best practices

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What people are saying

— Trishtana Banerjee // Security Associate, Meshcloud

Trishtana Banerjee

Security Associate, Meshcloud

I found Censius monitors to be thorough and easy to use with a good range of flexibility for both generic and specific monitoring needs. This adds velocity to AI solutions.

— Rajat Soni// Web Engineer, Factmata

Rajat Soni

Web Engineer, Factmata

Censius provides transparency into the model decisions with its monitors and dashboard reports, cutting down the to-and-fro iterations. This saves a lot of time and effort.

Deepak Jhanji

Sr. Data Scientist, EY GDS

Censius helps know if, when, and why the model has degraded and if it requires training. The continuous monitors are very convenient for clients as well as other stakeholders.

— Rishav Ray // Data Scientist, Nykaa

Rishav Ray

Data Scientist, Nykaa

Censius has been really well built, and by using this we can definitely monitor all ML-based metrics. I see the value of leveraging it at the tail end of our ML life cycle.

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