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Censius Team Spotlight Series: Introducing The Man Behind Successful Cloud Migration - Jaydeep Vaghela

It's time to introduce our passionate Senior DevOps Engineer, Jaydeep Vaghela. Read on to know more about Jaydeep’s interests, skills, and his journey @ Censius.

Censius Team
Censius Team Spotlight Series: Introducing The Man Behind Successful Cloud Migration - Jaydeep Vaghela
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Team Spotlight is our blog series where we get up-close and personal with our team members at Censius. Today’s celeb in the limelight is a passionate Senior DevOps Engineer and our Champion - Jaydeep Vaghela. Happy-go-lucky and hardworking Jaydeep loves traveling and photography a lot. His curiosity about cutting-edge technologies helps him to be a reliable Senior DevOps Engineer at Censius.

It is always joyous to work with Jaydeep as a team member. But knowing him as a person is even more delightful. With Rapid-fire interview rounds, we received this opportunity. Let’s start with an enjoyable round of Rapid-fire to understand Jaydeep as a person.

A Quick Round of Rapid-Fire 

Share something about you (a fun fact) that not many people know.

I like to keep things simple yet unique. Also, I have all the essential elements to be a good vlogger - hardcore traveler, foodie, and photographer. 

Share your desk picture and three things that you can’t miss on your desk.

Three essentials on my desk are: Water Bottle, Books and Notepad

How does a typical day look for you?

As a Tea lover, my day starts with a refreshing cup of Tea and a morning standup meeting. Followed by coordination with the team for tasks and then jumping into the world of code and cloud. These days I spend some time taking interviews for Software Engineers and QA Engineers positions. 

Who is your role model and why?

Elon Musk is my role model because of his successful mindset, innovation and ways to achieve goals.

Understanding Jaydeep’s Journey At Censius

Let’s understand Jaydeep’s perspectives about work, team, project, and future roadmap. 

Can you briefly introduce yourself and share your previous experiences?

I started my career as an IIoT intern. With this, I got exposure to working in Industry 4.0 with several innovations. It is always amazing to monitor your assets in 360 degrees on your screen. I worked in an IIoT startup where I explored front-end, back-end, and databases. As an IIoT developer, I got great exposure and opportunities to learn many new things. I worked for 4.5 years in that startup and decided to move on for further learning. 

Then I started my new inning as a Senior full-stack developer in another company. Here, I could lead a small team and explore front-end, back-end, and Cloud technologies. So the unexplored area was AI, ML, and Robotics, which pushed me to join Censius. 

Why did you decide to get into Machine Learning and specifically, MLOps? 

As I mentioned before, I wanted to explore AI and ML more. The main reason behind this was - a sound hype around these technologies. If you are applying for a home loan, your Civil score is decided by some ML model. I was curious about these cutting-edge technologies and wanted to get more exposure. 

And of course, I could grab this opportunity at Censius because the role was Senior DevOps Engineer. So it was a win-win situation for me - the new tech domain and the role. I got a perfect combo with Cloud technologies and MLOps. This led me to get into machine learning and MLOps specifically. 

What’s one thing that has surprised you since joining Censius?

When I joined Censius, I was surprised by the fact that every team member was from different geographies, yet the work harmony was intact. The cool thing is that all team members share perfect work harmony and sync in a pure remote work environment. This helped us to build a futuristic product.  

A Quote from Jaydeep

How would you describe your role and responsibilities at Censius? 

As a senior DevOps Engineer, my responsibilities are maintaining cloud services, deployment, and high availability of the concerned applications. I also ensure that we integrate the latest technologies and industry best practices so that our product architecture remains impeccable. We are working on the latest technologies for the cloud stack and currently migrating from AWS to Azure. So, all in all, it is cloud architecture, migrations, scalability, and better availability of applications that I look after. 

Which benefits/perks about Censius do you like the most?

Here I specifically like two things, the first being book reimbursements. Earlier, I used to avoid reading books. But, now I get access to great content worldwide and enjoy reading physical books instead of surfing pdf and ebook stuff. I love reading motivational books these days. I recently read a book called - You Can, a great motivational write-up that teaches about life. 

My second favorite perk is Certification support. Now I'm planning to complete my Terraform certification to present my skills in a better way. 

Would you like to share any specific challenge that you cracked recently? 

The first challenge that I tackled at Censius includes cloud migration. Migrating from AWS to Azure Cloud is a critical ongoing task that I handled with my team. We had to migrate from AWS to Azure for some special requirements such as support of specific services. We analyzed both platforms and then decided to switch. Most of the work is successful. At present, our focus is on application migration. 

What are some things you’ve noticed about our leadership team?

Censius leadership team is truly inspiring, supportive, and open-minded. We can reach out to anyone for any queries and always get an apt response. 1-on-1 call with the managerial team, help us put forth our ideas, or discuss any issues. 

What are you looking forward to do more in Censius? 

I would love to get more technical exposure at Censius. Also, I'm new to the MLOps world, so ready to dive deep into this new tech domain. I would love to persistently experience a healthy work environment with the necessary freedom and flexibility. Fun at the workplace is a great idea, and we enjoy it here at Censius. Also, a few annual get-togethers would help us strengthen team bonding. 

We hope you like Jaydeep’s talk. Would you like to join the team where Jaydeep works? Check out our open positions in the link below and apply soon. We would love to feature you in this team spotlight series.

Head over here to have a look at the open positions in Censius.

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