Monitor, explain, and optimize ML models

Proactively detect and resolve performance regression, poor data quality, and model drifts to build reliable machine learning models.

AI Observability Platform

Censius offers an end-to-end AI observability platform that delivers automated monitoring and proactive troubleshooting to build reliable models.

Censius Monitoring

With automated and continuous monitoring, Censius helps you to scale reliable models even while redirecting your team’s efforts towards more strategic tasks.

  • Continuously monitor performance, data quality, and model drifts
  • Automatically detect threshold values
  • Send real-time alerts for prioritized violations
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Censius Explainability

With precise segmentation and logging capabilities, Censius helps you to analyze the root causes behind every model decision to proactively build improvement strategies

  • Compare models across several versions
  • Identify data segments to study localized behaviour
  • Proactively locate drifts through baseline comparisons
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Censius Responsibility

Built for proactive detection and resolution of violations, Censius offers continuous support for building Responsible AI, resulting in minimal impact on end customers.

  • Detect and study prediction biases
  • Improve model performance for specific cohorts
  • Maintain compliance with industry standards
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Seamlessly integrates with your existing ML stack

Plug Censius into your current ML workflow easily and quickly

Integrations with CensiusIntegrations with Censius
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Your All-in-One Monitoring Platform

With Censius’ multi-tier capabilities, eliminate the need for managing a host of tools for AI Observability

Censius AI Monitoring Platform


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Censius automates model monitoring

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boost healthcare

improve models

scale businesses

detect frauds

boost healthcare

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