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We are reinventing the future of MLOps. Censius Observability platform enables businesses to gain greater visibility into how their AI makes decisions to understand it better. We enable explanations of predictions, continuous monitoring of drifts, and assessing fairness in the real world. (TLDR — build the best ML monitoring tool)


We believe in constantly iterating and improving our team culture, just like our product. We have found a good balance between async and sync work — default is still Notion docs over meetings, but at the same time, we recognize that as an early-stage startup brainstorming together over calls leads to results faster. If you enjoy taking ownership, moving quickly, and writing docs, you will fit right in.

About the role

We are looking for a Senior Product Manager who can understand and resonate with the pain points of ML teams, absorb technical complexities, and drive simple but powerful features. You have an affinity towards product excellence and are precise with experience working in ML teams. This is a high-visibility and impactful role and you will be reporting directly to the CEO on a day-to-day basis.

👉 Are you the one?

This is the right position for you if you resonate with the below:

1. Visionary

We don’t want to play catch up—we want to the first movers. You are someone who dreams big and beyond what’s already out there. You love consuming new information and brainstorming ways to making this a reality.

2. Product-mindset paired with high agency

We have a very high bar for product excellence and you need to be someone who is very precise but can operate with high agency—understanding customer pains, absorbing technical complexities, and deriving product features in a short timeframe. We hope you enjoy writing docs; doing product at Censius you’ll be expected to draft a doc every single time instead of ad-hoc calls. Writing forces clarity, creativity, and conciseness.

3. Technical proficiency

We drive forward our product roadmap with a combination of customer feedback, industry forecasts, and ML research advances. While you need not be an expert, we will expect you to be able to analyze new research publications & convert those into relevant product features.

4. The ability to learn quickly

We are constantly innovating, and you would be required to continually learn about our product, competitive space, and the industries we are serving. This includes not just reading up on news, but speaking to folks out there.

5. Live and breath the user experience

We are building Censius to make AI more accessible—substituting needlessly complicated and clunky interfaces to make way for simplicity & ease of use. While you will be working on a highly technical product primarily used by data scientists & ML engineers, we want to bring the same level of ease as an iOS app. If bad user experience cringes you and prevents you from falling asleep, this is the right position for you.

👀 Required Qualifications

  • 1+ years PM experience on a ML team
  • 3+ years end-to-end PM experience in the B2B space
  • (bonus) past founder/startup experience

👩🏻‍💻 What you’ll do

Daily Responsibilities

  • Being part of the sales & customer support calls to collect insights, pain points, and helping users be successful in their goals.
  • Aligning business vision, technical debt, competitive analysis, and customer needs to derive and document product features that will move the needle (writing a lot).
  • Working with the UX and design team to convert product requirements into wireframes and eventually best-in-class user experience.
  • Supporting the engineering team by always being there to unblock and provide the necessary context to build successfully.
  • Defining and owning the product roadmap for the engineering team to execute upon (a word of caution: you’ll not be instructing the engineering team on what to build; you will be influencing them to convince that a feature is worth building)

Responsibilities Compounded over Months

  • We expect you to be an evangelist of our product, having a strong influence externally on the ML community to establish Censius as a leader in the space.
  • You have established and continue to measure metrics for long-term success, and are iteratively improving the product based on data combined with user feedback.
  • Providing support to the product marketing team to effectively convey product value to a wide audience.
  • Run user experience studies with potential users in the ML community to collect feedback and iterate over upcoming launch plans

🤔 What is in for you?

  • Insane levels of ownership, independence, and responsibility while working with and learning from some of the smartest peers
  • Support to grow by providing leveling up opportunities through books and courses
  • Hybrid Office — work from anywhere or at one of our office locations 🙂
  • Flex hours — work at your best hours 💪
  • Unlimited Time Off ⏰
  • Health insurance 🏥
  • Reimbursement for streaming services (think Netflix), gym, or physical activity of your choice

Interview process

Round 1: 15 min intro call to discuss logistics with HR

Round 2: 45 min technical round touching upon system design & ML

Round 3: Take-home case study + 60 mins product round

Round 4: 30 mins culture-fit round

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